Class B football previews: Glens Falls, Ichabod Crane, Johnstown, Lansingburgh and Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk

Glens Falls
Head coach: Patrick Lilac
Last year’s record: 11-1
Playoff result: Won Section 2 Class B title; lost to Pleasantville in state semifinals

Returning starters: Joe Girard III (QB/DB), Aalijah Sampson (RB/DB), Kyle Vachon (OL/LB), Thompson Collins (OL/DL), Nick Danahy (OL/DL), Noah Balcom (WR), David Barclay (WR/LB), Trent Girard (DB)

Graduated: Aaron Sampson (RB/LB), Quinn Girard (WR/LB), Andrew Rizzo (OL/DL)

Newcomers: Tom Cahill (OL/DL), Hogan Fox (WR/DB), Connor Girard (OL/LB), Cooper Montgomery (RB/DB), Griffen Woodell (RB/LB)

Outlook for season: With two-sport star Joe Girard III leading the way, Glens Falls will once again be a contender for the Sectional title and another berth into the state playoffs, but Lilac is taking a cautious approach.

“We look to be competitive and be one of the better class B schools,” said Lilac. “If we survive a vicious schedule, we look to have a shot at getting to [the] Sectional final.”

Ichabod Crane
Head coach: Tom Call
Last year’s record: 1-8
Playoff result: N/A

Returning starters: Marchs George (running back/linebacker), Tobi Zucco (running back/cornerback), Haydon Broockmann (tight end/defensive end), Tyler James (quarterback/left tackle/defensive end), Austin Walsh (quarterback/left tackle/linebacker), Colby Fisher (left guard/linebacker), Donovan Brown (wide receiver/cornerback), Donte Northrup (safety)

Graduated: Peyton Mavrides (quarterback), Bray Kowalski (offensive line/defensive line), Josh Hall (running back/linebacker), Nate Ringwood (wide receiver/cornerback), Robbie James (offensive line/defensive line), Chris Grey (offensive line/defensive line)

Newcomers: Mike Dee (running back/defensive tackle), Jared Kwarta (right guard/linebacker), Curtis Zink (wide receiver/cornerback), Ian Quade (offensive line/defensive line), Joe Penzabene (running back/linebacker), Thomas Cooper (right tackle/defensive tackle)

Outlook for season: Call said the Riders are ready to compete in Class B this year.

“If we can stay healthy, then we have everything we need to compete,” said Call. “Our goal is to be competitive in every single game. We’re looking to build a culture of winning.”

Head coach: Tyler Hall
Last year’s record: 2-7
Playoff result: Didn’t make Class B Sectionals

Returning starters: Trey Stover (QB/WR/DB), Marcus Nellis (WR/LB), Evan White (WR/DB), Victor Orsell (OL/DL)

Graduated: Trevor Porter (QB), Austin Fullington (WR/DB), Tanner Fahr (RB/LB), Adam Wilson (WR/LB), Najon Subik (OL/DL), Tom Lizio (OL/DL), Zach Pedersen (OL/DL), Pat Blake (OL/DL), Kerry Blackwood (WR/DB)

Newcomers: Jake Stewart (OL/DL), Riley Savoie (OL/DL), Noah Champlin (OL/DL), Malik Holston (OL/DL), Zach Benton (OL/DL), Dawson Sanges (WR/S), Bradey Brownell (QB/S), Chase Benton (RB/LB), Jack Stramezzi (RB/LB), Ethan Warner (RB/LB), Noah Massey (WR/LB)

Outlook for season: The Sir Bills are rebuilding after graduating the majority of last year’s starters.

We have a very young football team this year,” said Hall. “Only having seven seniors will really test our younger guys to step up. [We’re] looking for success early on to give our guys confidence to play in the tough class B.”

Head coach: Jeffrey Pasinella
Last year’s record: 2-6
Playoff result: none

Returning starters: Alanzo Barrrett (running back/linebacker), Lucas Mckenna (wide receiver/defensive back), Anthony Thompson (quarterback/defensive back), Jake Coon-Rustin (offensive line/defensive line), Brandon Lewis (wide receiver/defensive back), Y’lonte Jones-Richardson (running back/defensive end)

Graduated: Tevin Frazier (offensive line/defensive line), Jereimiah Todman (offensive line/defensive line), Mike Zanda (running back/linebacker), Eric Thompson III (quarterback/defensive back), Agapito Davila (tight end/linebacker), John Bessette (offenisve line/defensive line)

Newcomers: Jason Stamas (tight end/linebacker), Vinny Tario (wide receiver/linebacker), Cooper Danskin (running back/linebacker), Izaiyah Bashford (offensive line/defensive line), Kareem Duncan (running back/linebacker)

Outlook for season: The Knights will need their young linemen to gel quickly to give their veteran skill players an opportunity to shine this season.

Head coach: Gary VanDerzee
Last year’s record: 4 -5
Playoff result: Lost in first round to Glens Falls 51-14

Returning starters: Marlon Laing (running back/defensive back), Nelson Ruoff (running back/defensive end), Spencer Kane (wide receiver/defensive back), Matt O’Conner (center/defensive tackle), Christian Salvio (offensive line/defensive tackle), Demetrius Todman (offensive line/defensive end), Austin Peppin (offensive line/linebacker), Nino Futia (wide receiver/defensive back)

Graduated: Dan McMullen (tight end/defensive end)

Newcomers: Ricky Hernandez (running back/linebacker), Andrew McMullen (offensive line/defensive line), John Zarcone (wide receiver/defensive back)

Outlook for season: VanDerzee said things are looking up for RCS after a sub-.500 finish in 2017.

This year’s roster includes better numbers (24 players) and many significant returners,” said VanDerzee. “We can be improved if we can avoid the key injuries, but [we] are competing in a very deep and talented classification.”

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