A look at the Section 2 girls swimming leaderboard heading into championship weekend

With the Section 2 Girls Swimming and Diving Championships beginning today, Nov. 1, here is a look at the Sectional leaderboard, as well as area individuals and relay teams who have hit the qualifying standard for this year’s state meet.

Division 1
Girls 200-yard medley relay
Bethlehem 1:49.53 NYS
Shenendehowa 1:50.29 NYS
Ballston Spa 1:50.64 NYS
Guilderville 1:51.91 NYS
Albany Academy for Girls 1:52.12 NYS

Girls 200-yard freestyle
Mary Kate Conway (Mohonasen-Schalmont) 1:53.23 NYS
Alice Han (Shenendehowa) 1:55.31 NYS

Girls 200-yard individual medley
Sydney Sorbello (Bethlehem) 2:10.68 NYS
Kasey Keaney (Guilderville) 2:11.01 NYS
Isabel Bushway (Niskayuna) 2:11.15 NYS
Shauna Killane (Shenendehowa) 2:12.38 NYS

Girls 50-yard freestyle
Claire Gerdeman (Albany Academy) 24.95

Girls 100-yard butterfly
Mary Kate Conway (Mohonasen-Schalmont) 58.63 NYS
Shauna Killane (Shenendehowa) 59.54 NYS

Girls 100-yard freestyle
Sydney Sorbello (Bethlehem) 52.57 NYS
Yunfan Dong (Niskayuna) 53.88 NYS
Corinne Pepper (Ballston Spa) 54.29 NYS

Girls 500-yard freestyle
Lillian Bushway (Niskayuna) 5:05.93 NYS
Alison Sposili (Shenendehowa) 5:08.11 NYS
Lauren Sposili (Shenendehowa) 5:10.31 NYS
Jessica Gordon (Shenendehowa) 5:13.69 NYS

Girls 200-yard freestyle relay
Mohonasen-Schalmont 1:40.34 NYS
Ballston Spa 1:41.05 NYS
Shenendehowa 1:41.10 NYS
Bethlehem 1:41.48 NYS

Girls 100-yard backstroke
Yunfan Dong (Niskayuna) 57.95 NYS
Alice Han (Shenendehowa) 58.68 NYS
Isabel Bushway (Niskayuna) 59.49 NYS
Grace Thomas (Shenendehowa) 1:00.25 NYS
Chloe Derosia (Albany Academy) 1:00.42 NYS

Girls 100-yard breaststroke
Alison Sposili (Shenendehowa) 1:07.64 NYS
Emily Yu (Shaker) 1:07.78 NYS
Kasey Keaney (Guilderville) 1:07.99 NYS

Girls 400-yard freestyle relay
Bethlehem 3:36.24 NYS
Mohonasen-Schalmont 3:37.15 NYS
Shenendehowa 3:37.58 NYS
Niskayuna 3:38.85 NYS

Division II
Girls 200-yard medley relay
Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk-Coxsackie-Athens 1:57.15

Girls 200-yard freestyle
Gillian Burch (RCSCA) 2:00.57

Girls 200-yard individual medley
Emily Sulik (RCSCA) 2:17.83

Girls 50-yard freestyle
Alayna Gray (Fonda-Johnstown) 24.82 NYS

Girls 100-yard butterfly
Willow Swan-Scott (Queensbury) 1:03.09

Girls 100-yard freestyle
Alayna Gray (Fonda-Johnstown) 54.21 NYS

Girls 500-yard freestyle
Willa Werwaiss (Emma Willard) 5:24.31

Girls 200-yard freestyle relay
Queensbury 1:47.07

Girls 100-yard backstroke
Willow Swan-Scott (Queensbury) 1:04.36

Girls 100-yard breaststroke
Gillian Burch (RCSCA) 1:06.11 NYS

Girls 400-yard freestyle relay
Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk-Coxsackie-Athens 3:52.05

The diving champions will be decided Thursday, Nov. 1. Preliminaries in all swimming events take place Friday, Nov. 2, at the Shenendehowa Aquatic Center. The finals take place Saturday, beginning with Division I.

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