Shenendehowa, Queensbury win team titles at Section 2 Girls Swimming and Diving Championships

CLIFTON PARK – Shenendehowa (Division 1) and Queensbury (Division 2) eased to the team titles at the Section 2 Girls Swimming and Diving Championships Saturday, Nov. 3, at the Shenendehowa Aquatic Center.

Shen dethroned defending Division 1 champion Niskayuna with a commanding total of 441 points. Niskayuna placed second with 407 points, and Bethlehem finished third with 254 points.

Mohonasen-Schalmont’s Mary Kate Conway and Bethlehem’s Sydney Sorbello each won a pair of individual events at the Division 1 meet. Conway claimed first place in the 200-yard freestyle and the 100-yard butterfly, while Sorbello finished first in the 200-yard individual medley and the 100-yard freestyle.

Niskayuna’s Lillian Bushway (500-yard freestyle) and Yunfan Dong (100-yard backstroke) also won individual events Saturday, as did Albany Academy’s Claire Gerdeman (50-yard freestyle), and Guilderville’s Kasey Keaney (100-yard breaststroke).

Queensbury cruised to the Division 2 team title with 401.5 points. Sarah Little (100-yard butterfly) and Willow Swan-Scott (100-yard backstroke) each won individual events to lead the Spartans.

Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk’s Gillian Burch took first place in the 200-yard freestyle and the 100-yard breaststroke, while Fonda-Johnstown’s Alayna Gray earned victories in the 50- and 100-yard freestyles. Emily Sulik (RCS) finished first in the 200-yard individual medley, and Willa Werwaiss (Emma Willard) won the 500-yard freestyle.

Division 1
Team scores: Shenendehowa 441, Niskayuna 407, Bethlehem 254, Albany Academy 183.5, Saratoga Springs 165.5, Mohonasen-Schalmont 165, Guilderville 140, Burnt Hills-Scotia 140, Ballston Spa 135, Shaker 112, Albany 66, Schenectady 32, South Colonie 2

Top 3 finishers
200-yard medley relay: Shenendehowa 1:47.88, Bethlehem 1:48.74, Niskayuna 1:49.33

200-yard freestyle: Mary Kate Conway (Mohonasen-Schalmont) 1:52.21, Lauren Ostrander (Shen) 1:54.28, Lillian Bushway (Niskayuna) 1:54.30

200-yard individual medley: Sydney Sorbello (Bethlehem) 2:04.84, Kasey Keaney (Guilderville) 2:08.03, Isabel Bushway (Niskayuna) 2:08.09

50-yard freestyle: Claire Gerdeman (Albany Academy) 24.45, Brenna McLaughlin (Niskayuna) 24.79, Anna Bernasconi (Bethlehem) 25.16

1-meter diving (contested Nov. 1): Evanna Peng (Guilderville) 517.75, Felicity Ryan (Saratoga Springs) 486.90, Lydia DeLano (Burnt Hills-Scotia) 454.85

100-yard butterfly: Mary Kate Conway (Mohonasen-Schalmont) 56.90, Shauna Killane (Shen) 57.27, Demi Bobarakis (Niskayuna) 58.04

100-yard freestyle: Sydney Sorbello (Bethlehem) 51.90, Yunfan Dong (Niskayuna) 53.28, Amaya DiGiovanni (Mohonasen-Schalmonyt) 53.49

500-yard freestyle: Lillian Bushway (Niskayuna) 4:58.61, Alison Sposili (Shen) 5:05.09, Lauren Sposili (Shen) 5:07.98

200-yard freestyle relay: Bethlehem 1:38.71, Niskayuna 1:39.41, Mohonasen-Schalmont 1:39.87

100-yard backstroke: Yunfan Dong (Niskayuna) 57.41, Isabel Bushway (Niskayuna) 58.21, Alice Han (Shen) 58.87

100-yard breaststroke: Kasey Keaney (Guilderville) 1:05.48, Emily Yu (Shaker) 1:06.25, Corinne Pepper (Ballston Spa) 1:07.08

400-yard freestyle relay: Niskayuna 3:33.58, Shenendehowa 3:34.01, Mohonasen-Schalmont 3:39.00

Division 2
Team standings: Queensbury 401.5, Glens Falls 294, Emma Willard 272, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk 267, Troy 216.5, Duanesburg-BKW 195, Gloversville-Mayfield 126, Holy Names 121, Fonda-Johnstown 108, Amsterdam 54, Averill Park 13

Top 3 finishers
200-yard medley relay: Queensbury 1:54.68, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk 1:54.89, Troy 1:59.80

200-yard freestyle: Gillian Burch (RCS) 1:57.07, Willa Werwaiss (Emma Willard) 1:58.56, Anna Johnson (Emma Willard) 2:02.35

200-yard individual medley: Emily Sulik (RCS) 2:12.91, Abigael O’Donnell (Duanesburg-BKW) 2:14.87, Emily Lindecke (Duanesburg-BKW) 2:18.54

50-yard freestyle: Alayna Gray (Fonda-Johnstown) 23.64, Ella Wolfstich (Glens Falls) 25.54, Emma Mauro (Glens Falls) 25.57

1-meter diving (contested Nov. 1): Giavana Smith (Emma Willard) 404.85, Kamri Ahrens (Gloversville-Mayfield) 310.90, Alexis LaQuire (RCS) 218.65

100-yard butterfly: Sarah Little (Queensbury) 1:00.03, Willow Swan-Scott (Queensbury) 1:02.51, Emily Sulik (RCS) 1:02.84

100-yard freestyle: Alayna Gray (Fonda-Johnstown) 52.60, Anna Bearor (Queensbury) 55.57, Ella Wolfstich (Glens Falls) 56.15

500-yard freestyle: Willa Werwaiss (Emma Willard) 5:10.87, Anna Johnson (Emma Willard) 5:33.58, Rowan Davidson (Glens Falls) 5:42.13

200-yard freestyle relay: Glens Falls 1:42.74, Queensbury 1:43.00, Emma Willard 1:43.53

100-yard backstroke: Willow Swan-Scott (Queensbury) 1:01.20, Allie Johnston (Queensbury) 1:01.76

100-yard breaststroke: Gillian Burch (RCS) 1:05.10, Sarah Little (Queensbury) 1:08.70, Emma Mauro (Glens Falls) 1:09.87

400-yard freestyle relay: Emma Willard 3:45.69, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk 3:47.69, Glens Falls 3:54.14

Photos by Rob Jonas

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