Section 2 indoor track preview: Fonda-Fultonville Braves

Fonda-Fultonville lgoTeam: Fonda-Fultonville

Coaches: Ashleigh Griswold, Dave Petersen, Tom Carpenter

Playoff results
Boys: Third place Independent League Championships; first place Division IV Sectionals
Girls: First place Independent League Championships; third place Division IV Sectionals

Returning athletes
Boys: Myles Anderson (senior), Brady Myles (senior), Liam Viscosi (senior), Gabe Mormile (junior), Trevor Cline (sophomore), Adrian Claburn (junior), Mike LaVoie (junior), Tom Maurceri (junior), Christian Pearce (junior), Ryan Shopmeier (junior), Michael Coonradt (sophomore), John Hall (sophomore), Eric Hesch (sophomore), Shane Viscosi (sophomore), Carter Petersen (freshman)

Girls: Katelyn Babiarz (senior), Andrea Casey (senior), Kaitlyn Gray (senior), Emilia Vardai-Davidson (senior), Madison Nichols (junior), Julia Bagnardi (junior), Shelby Crahan (junior), Marisa Mycek (junior), Haley Clear (sophomore), Kianna Hanson (sophomore), Delena James (sophomore), Shianna Kemmer (sophomore), Ashley Krohn (sophomore), Mackenzie Monette (sophomore), Anissa Mosconi (sophomore)

Boys: Anthony Gatto, Matt Klotz, Lief Morford, Austin Oliver, Chris Yarush, Aidan ZenZen

Girls: Brittany Castelluccio, Katie Dunham, Sierra Grant, Meaghan MacDougall, Emma Rhodes, Alyson Shirley

Boys: John Cressy (senior), Scott Valachovic (senior), Gus Snow (junior), Nathan Curtis (sophomore), Noah Ferrucci (sophomore), Dylan McCrea (sophomore), Osvaldo Sanchez (sophomore), Charlie Susi (sophomore), Camden Woodman (sophomore), Nick Butler (freshman), Jeffrey Hattat (freshman), Michael Putnam (freshman), Marc Tommell (freshman), Michael Carpenter (eighth grader), Bennett Melita, Braxton James, Joe Oathout, Jagger Teffault

Girls: Adriana Butler (junior), Guiliana Capparello (junior), Jocelyn Miller (junior), Sierra Rose (junior), Stella Williams (junior), Chelsi Brunell (sophomore), Jadyn Cary-VanNostrand (sophomore), Gianna Changa (sophomore), Megan Mormile (sophomore), Amaya Vainauskas (sophomore), Kaylee Freeman (freshman), Grace Hotaling (freshman), Eliana Montano (freshman), Janiece Roman (freshman), Kimberly Snell (freshman), Evelyn Yun (freshman), Amelia Petersen (freshman)

Coach’s comments
On boys team: “We have a strong group of returning athletes, as well as some talented newcomers. We are looking forward to watching our young athletes grow, while continuing to strengthen our most veteran runners and field individuals.

“We are looking forward to working with a larger group of athletes this season, and as always, we hope to be in the top groups at the league championships and Sectionals.”

On girls team: “We have a dedicated group of returning girls, and also quite a talented group of newcomers. We’re looking forward to watching this group improve throughout the season. We would like to see these girls have a strong presence at the Sectional and Independent League championships this season.”

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