Boys swimming: A look at who has qualified for states

With less than one month remaining in the Section 2 boys swimming season, here is a look at who has already qualified for the state championships in each of the events, plus the top five divers thus far:

200-yard medley relay (qualifying standard 1:40.67)
Niskayuna 1:39.07
Shenendehowa 1:39.16
Queensbury 1:39.39
Bethlehem 1:40.53

200-yard freestyle (qualifying standard 1:47.60)
Joey Chiarella (Bethlehem) 1:45.04
Bryce Henkel (Albany Academy) 1:45.18
Scott Ward (Niskayuna) 1:45.20
TJ Bearor (Queensbury) 1:45.70
James Jordan (Shenendehowa) 1:46.18

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200-yard individual medley (qualifying standard 2:00.63
Kaleb Hotaling (Shenendehowa) 1:56.00
David Walton (Queensbury) 1:56.36
Jackson Homan (Shenendehowa) 1:58.59

50-yard freestyle (qualifying standard 22.19)
Bryan Liu (Niskayuna) 21.84
TJ Bearor (Queensbury) 22.14
Joseph Gravino (Guilderland-Voorheesville) 22.19

100-yard butterfly (qualifying standard 53.95)
Bryce Henkel (Albany Academy) 52.02
Jackson Homan (Shenendehowa) 52.59
Joey Chiarella (Bethlehem) 53.24
David Walton (Queensbury) 53.65
James Barno (Ballston Spa) 53.75
Mark Lipkin (Niskayuna) 53.79

100-yard freestyle (qualifying standard 48.76)
Bryan Liu (Niskayuna) 47.42
TJ Bearor (Queensbury) 48.30
Bryce Henkel (Albany Academy) 48.34
David Walton (Queensbury) 48.64
James Jordan (Shenendehowa) 48.74
Joseph Gravino (Guilderland-Voorheesville) 48.75

500-yard freestyle (qualifying standard 4:52.52)
Bryce Henkel (Albany Academy) 4:46.19
Joey Chiarella (Bethlehem) 4:47.90
David Walton (Queensbury) 4:50.79
Scott Ward (Niskayuna) 4:51.87

200-yard freestyle relay (qualifying standard 1:30.12)
Niskayuna 1:27.95

100-yard backstroke (qualifying standard 54.82)
Bryan Liu (Niskayuna) 53.59
David Walton (Queensbury) 53.89
Benjamin Brkanovic (Guilderland-Voorheesville) 54.28
John Janeski (Bethlehem) 54.32
Zach Lassetter (Shenendehowa) 54.72

100-yard breaststroke (qualifying standard 1:01.20)
Kaleb Hotaling (Shenendehowa) 58.82
Jackson Homan (Shenendehowa) 1:00.49

400-yard freestyle relay (qualifying standard 3:18.87
Shenendehowa 3:16.75

Diving (11 dives)
Matthew Chao (Niskayuna) 623.05
Erik Herrero (Shenendehowa) 523.75
Jared Lamson (Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk) 496.65
Yang Zheng Foon (Shenendehowa) 484.70
Conor Compton (Niskayuna) 484.30

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