Shenendehowa, Saratoga Springs win Section 2 Alpine skiing team championships

Shenendehowa claimed the girls team title, and Saratoga Springs won the boys team championship at the Section 2 Alpine Skiing Championships Monday, Feb. 11, at Gore Mountain.

Shen had two of the top three finishers in the girls giant slalom and two of the top four finishers in the girls slalom to cruise to the team title with 37 points. Johnstown was second with 63 points, and Queensbury placed third with 68 points.

Schuylerville-Greenwich’s Hannah Klingebiel swept both individual titles on the girls’ side. Klingebiel won the giant slalom with a time of 1:11.73, nearly a half-second ahead of Shen’s Melissa Taggert. Then in the slalom, Klingebiel completed the course with a time of 31.81 seconds, nearly a full second ahead of runner-up Maddie Montgomery of Queensbury.

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Saratoga Springs dominated the giant slalom and had two skiers finish in the top 10 of the slalom to hold on for the boys team title. The Blue Streaks finished with 33 points, while Shen was second with 41 points and Niskayuna placed third with 52 points.

Saratoga Springs’ Tyler Munter and Matthew Moeckel swept the top two places in the boys giant slalom. Munter won the individual title with a time of 1:09.60, and Moeckel finished second with a time of 1:10.63. Queensbury’s Hunter Montgomery claimed the slalom title with a time of 35.44 seconds, nearly nine-tenths of a second ahead of Christian Brothers Academy’s Evan Toman.

Munter, Moeckel, Toman and Hunter Montgomery make up a portion of the Section 2 boys team going to states at Gore Mountain. Tre Rossi, Patrick Leonard, Nick Fraterrigo, Colin Cotter, Max Hefner and Chase Paton are the other qualifiers. Rossi missed Sectionals with an injury, but pre-qualified for states based on his finishes during the season. Cole Paton and Marc Cassabonne are the alternates.

The girls team features Klingebiel, Taggert, Maddie Montgomery, Emily Fleming, Claire Felton, Molly Lake, Shannon Kelly, Micaela Leonard, Allison Bach, Meredith Montgomery and Clare Howard. Sara Phelps is the alternate.

The state championships take place Feb. 25 and 26 at Gore Mountain.


Girls team scores: Shenendehowa 37, Johnstown 63, Queensbury 68, Schuylerville-Greenwich 71, Ballston Spa 78, Saratoga Springs 84, Glens Falls 144, Emma Willard 168, Niskayuna 271

Girls giant slalom
1. Hannah Klingebiel (SCY) 1:11.73
2. Melissa Taggert (SHEN) 1:12.19
3. Micaela Leonard (SHEN) 1:14.68
4. Molly Lake (JOHNS) 1:14.85
5. Maddie Montgomery (QBY) 1:14.95
6. Shannon Kelly (SAR) 1:15.00
7. Emily Fleming (JOHNS) 1:16.13
8. Allison Bach (SHEN) 1:17.26
9. Meredith Montgomery (QBY) 1:17.31
10. Francesca Levitas (SCY) 1:17.50

Girls slalom
1. Hannah Klingebiel (SCY) 31.81
2. Maddie Montgomery (QBY) 32.73
3. Claire Felton (BSPA) 34.06
4. Micaela Leonard (SHEN) 34.45
5. Meredith Montgomery (QBY) 34.92
6. Melissa Taggert (SHEN) 35.32
7. Emily Fleming (JOHNS) 35.73
8. Molly Lake (JOHNS) 35.81
9. Shannon Kelly (SAR) 36.09
T-10. Sophia Arnold (EW) 36.21
T-10. Francesca Levitas (SCY) 36.21

Boys team scores: Saratoga Springs 33, Shenendehowa 41, Niskayuna 54, Queensbury 122, Ballston Spa 132, Schuylerville-Greenwich 151, Johnstown 181, Lake George 183, Glens Falls 190, Stillwater 243

Boys giant slalom
1. Tyler Munter (SAR) 1:09.60
2. Matthew Moeckel (SAR) 1:10.63
3. Cole Paton (SHEN) 1:10.78
4. Nick Fraterrigo (NISK) 1:11.27
5. Chase Paton (SHEN) 1:11.36
6. Max Hefner (SAR) 1:11.51
7. Marc Cassabonne (LG) 1:12.03
8. Colin Cotter (JOHNS) 1:12.24
9. Evan Toman (CBA) 1:12.26
10. Ethan Huff (BSPA) 1:12.40

Boys slalom
1. Hunter Montgomery (QBY) 35.44
2. Evan Toman (CBA) 36.30
3. Nick Fraterrigo (NISK) 36.38
4. Tyler Munter (SAR) 36.65
5. Patrick Leonard (SHEN) 37.88
6. Ricky Dartawan (NISK) 37.93
7. Cole Paton (SHEN) 38.08
8. Matthew Moeckel (SAR) 38.45
9. Ethan Huff (BSPA) 38.60
10. Braden Kruk (SHEN) 38.92

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