Section 2 football: A first glance at Class C

We will be taking a look at the alignments and schedules for all five football classes in Section 2 this week. To read about Class D, click here.

Four Class C football programs are on the move to different classes in 2019, while two Class D teams jump in to replace them.

Holy Trinity moves up to Class B this fall after adding players from Bishop Maginn to its roster, which also includes players from Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons, Catholic Central and Saratoga Central Catholic. Meanwhile, Chatham and Helderberg Valley slide down to Class D, and Corinth merges with Fort Edward and moves to Class D, where it will be ineligible for the Section 2 playoffs. Hoosic Valley returns to Class C from Class D, and Rensselaer moves up with the Indians.

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With all of these moves, C remains the largest classification in Section 2 with 17 teams spread out over three divisions.

North – Cambridge/Salem, Granville, Greenwich, Hoosick Falls, Hoosic Valley and Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne

Central – Canajoharie/Fort Plain, Fonda-Fultonville, Mechanicville, Stillwater and Tamarac

South – Cairo-Durham/Catskill, Coxsackie-Athens, Taconic Hills, Rensselaer, Voorheesville and Watervliet

Cairo-Durham/Catskill is playing down one class this year, which means it will be ineligible for the Class C playoffs. The remaining 16 teams will vie for eight playoff berths over the course of seven action-packed weeks. Here is a look at the Class C schedule.

Week 1
Cambridge/Salem at Greenwich
Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne at Granville
Canajoharie/Fort Plain at Mechanicville
Tamarac at Fonda-Fultonville
Stillwater at Voorheesville
Watervliet at Rensselaer
Coxsackie-Athens at Taconic Hills
Ichabod Crane at Cairo-Durham/Catskill (crossover)
Hoosic Valley at Whitehall (crossover)
Corinth/Fort Edward at Hoosick Falls (crossover)

Most interesting matchup: Stillwater at Voorheesville. Two of Class C’s perennial powers square off in the opening weekend of the season.

Week 2
Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne at Cambridge/Salem
Granville at Greenwich
Hoosick Falls at Cairo-Durham/Catskill
Hoosic Valley at Mechanicville
Tamarac at Stillwater
Canajoharie/Fort Plain at Fonda-Fultonville
Watervliet at Coxsackie-Athens
Rensselaer at Taconic Hills
Voorheesville at Ichabod Crane (crossover)

Most interesting matchup: Hoosic Valley at Mechanicville. The Red Raiders host a Hoosic Valley team coming off an appearance in the Class D championship game.

Week 3
Cambridge/Salem at Hoosic Valley
Greenwich at Hoosick Falls
Mechanicville at Fonda-Fultonville
Canajoharie/Fort Plain at Stillwater
Tamarac at Rensselaer
Cairo-Durham/Catskill at Coxsackie-Athens
Taconic Hills at Voorheesville
Watervliet at Hudson (crossover)
Granville at Cohoes (crossover)
Chatham at Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne (crossover)

Most interesting matchup: Cambridge/Salem at Hoosic Valley. This could be the first test for Cambridge/Salem, which won the Class C title last year.

Week 4
Hoosick Falls at Cambridge/Salem
Rensselaer at Granville
Greenwich at Hoosic Valley
Stillwater at Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne
Fonda-Fultonville at Watervliet
Taconic Hills at Cairo-Durham/Catskill
Coxsackie-Athens at Voorheesville
Lansingburgh at Mechanicville (crossover)
Cohoes at Tamarac (crossover)
Chatham at Canajoharie/Fort Plain (crossover)

Most interesting matchup: Fonda-Fultonville at Watervliet. Two proud programs tackle each other in a cross-divisional contest.

Week 5
Granville at Hoosic Valley
Mechanicville at Greenwich
Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne at Hoosick Falls
Coxsackie-Athens at Tamarac
Canajoharie/Fort Plain at Taconic Hills
Cairo-Durham/Catskill at Rensselaer
Watervliet at Voorheesville
Holy Trinity at Cambridge/Salem (crossover)
Helderberg Valley at Fonda-Fultonville (crossover)
Stillwater at Warrensburg (crossover)

Most interesting matchups: Holy Trinity at Cambridge/Salem and Watervliet at Voorheesville. The last two Class C champions meet up in a crossover contest, while Watervliet and Voorheesville continue their long-standing Buckley Cup rivalry.

Week 6
Hoosick Falls at Granville
Hoosic Valley at Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne
Mechanicville at Stillwater
Tamarac at Canajoharie/Fort Plain
Voorheesville at Cairo-Durham/Catskill
Taconic Hills at Watervliet
Rensselaer at Coxsackie-Athens
Fonda-Fultonville at Johnstown (crossover)
Cambridge/Salem at Whitehall (crossover)
Corinth/Fort Edward at Greenwich (crossover)

Most interesting matchup: Mechanicville at Stillwater. There are few football rivalries that are better than this one.

Week 7
Cambridge/Salem at Granville
Greenwich at Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne
Hoosic Valley at Hoosick Falls
Mechanicville at Tamarac
Fonda-Fultonville at Stillwater
Cairo-Durham/Catskill at Watervliet
Voorheesville at Rensselaer
Johnstown at Canajoharie/Fort Plain (crossover)
Warrensburg at Coxsackie-Athens (crossover)
Taconic Hills at Helderberg Valley (crossover)

Most interesting matchup: Hoosic Valley at Hoosick Falls. A playoff berth could be on the line when the Indians visit their Rensselaer County rivals.

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