Colonial Council track and field: Cohoes girls, Lansingburgh boys sweep tri-meet

COHOES – The Cohoes girls and Lansingburgh boys finished with 2-0 records at a Colonial Council tri-meet with Watervliet Friday, April 12, at Cohoes High School.

The two head-to-head matches between Cohoes and Lansingburgh were very close. The Cohoes girls edged Lansingburgh 66-64, while the Lansingburgh boys pulled out a 62-61 victory over Cohoes. Cohoes defeated Watervliet 82-23 on the girls’ side and 77-28 on the boys’ side. Lansingburgh also swept Watervliet by scores of 99-25 (girls) and 71-26 (boys).

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The top three finishers in each event were:

100-meter dash
Caileigh Miron (Cohoes) 12.31
Tyina Thomas (Lans) 12.69
Chyna Planas-Dove (Lans) 13.06

200-meter dash
Tyina Thomas (Lans) 27.32
Chyna Planas-Dove (Lans) 27.87
Grace Cusack (Lans) 29.59

400-meter race
Chyna Planas-Dove (Lans) 1:05.26
Caileigh Miron (Cohoes) 1:07.60
Alexis Stratton (Cohoes) 1:08.10

800-meter race
Molly Sheldon (Water) 3:04.76
Carlie Genevive (Lans) 3:08.09
Shaelah Barrett (Cohoes) 3:20.25

1,500-meter race
Carlie Genevive (Lans) 6:14.6
Shaelah Barrett (Cohoes) 6:44.1

3,000-meter race
Julia LeBlanc (Cohoes) 14:34.1
Abby Golden (Lans) 15:21.6
Abir Ahmed (Lans) 18:29.4

100-meter high hurdles
Grace Cusack (Lans) 16.09
Alexius Smith (Cohoes) 19.94
Maya Mays (Lans) 20.67

400-meter intermediate hurdles
Hannah Ragule (Cohoes) 1:11.91
Grace Cusack (Lans) 1:15.65
Javon Broomes (Lans) 1:30.18

400-meter relay
Cohoes 55.0
Lansingburgh (no time recorded)

1,600-meter relay
Cohoes 5:05.45
Lansingburgh 5:28.3

3,200-meter relay
Cohoes (no time recorded)
Lansingburgh (no time recorded)

High jump
Phelisha Napples (Lans) 4-6
Chyna Planas-Dove (Lans) 4-3
Heba Alhuessin (Cohoes) 3-9

Long jump
Alexius Smith (Cohoes) 13-8
Morgan DelSignore (Water) 13-8
Tyina Thomas (Lans) 12-6

Triple jump
Hannah Ragule (Cohoes) 33-10
Morgan DelSignore (Water) 32-10
Taylor (Lans) 26-4

Shot put
Teya Tucker (Lans) 26-10
Trinity Meisel-Spears (Cohoes) 25-7
Melissa Kayembe (Water) 24-10

Abbigail Zawistowski (Water) 72-11
Jenaya Smith (Cohoes) 70-5
Teya Tucker (Lans) 70-0

100-meter dash
Jarron Frangie (Cohoes) 11.65
Kaizier Griffin (Lans) 12.03
Lucas McKenna (Lans) 12.19

200-meter dash
Jamai Woodberry (Water) 24.21
Kaizier Griffin (Lans) 24.51
Lucas McKenna (Lans) 24.90

400-meter race
Lucas McKenna (Lans) 56.25
Tim DeCelle (Cohoes) 58.08
Diogenes George (Water) 1:02.65

800-meter race
Matthew DeCelle (Cohoes) 2:24.9
Ross Kelly (Cohoes) 2:25.4
Jacob Almeida (Cohoes) 2:25.7

1,600-meter race
Matthew DeCelle (Cohoes) 5:13.9
Andrew Trolio (Lans) 5:19.4
Ross Kelly (Cohoes) 5:24.5

3,000-meter race
Ryan Storm (Lans) 14:07.26
Marty Benoit (Lans) 15:22.7

110-meter high hurdles
Trey Leak (Lans) 17.7
Benjamin Kellis (Cohoes) 18.1
Jacob Pease (Lans) 23.0

400-meter intermediate hurdles
Benjamin Kellis (Cohoes) 1:04.77
Trey Leak (Lans) 1:07.71
Dylan Woodsinger (Water) 1:22.10

400-meter relay
Cohoes 49.2

1,600-meter relay
Cohoes 4:44.57

3,200-meter relay
Cohoes 10:21.6

High jump
Ryan Storm (Lans) 4-8

Long jump
Lucas McKenna (Lans) 18-2.5
Jarron Frangie (Cohoes) 17-11
Kaizier Griffin (Lans) 17-7

Triple jump
Humza Ahmaadzai (Cohoes) 35-11.5

Shot put
Daniel Baughn (Water) 31-8
Michael Fitch (Lans) 31-3
Christopher Nicolay (Water) 30-4

Christopher Nicolay (Water) 93-9
Daniel Baughn (Water) 88-1
Michael Fitch (Lans) 76-0

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