Track and field: Maple Hill sweeps team titles at its own invitational

SCHODACK – Maple Hill won the boys and girls team titles at its invitational meet Saturday, April 13.

The boys team finished with 138 points, 13 points ahead of runner-up New Paltz. The girls team breezed to the title with 107 points – more than 40 points ahead of its nearest competitor, Broadalbin-Perth.

Maple Hill’s boys team was particularly strong in the 110-meter hurdles, where it swept the top three places. Bryan Jacobs led the way with a winning time of 15.86 seconds, less than four-tenths of a second ahead of Seth Roberts. Thacher Deyoe completed the 1-2-3 Wildcat sweep with a time of 16.31 seconds.

Roberts contributed a victory in the 200-meter dash for Maple Hill, and he teamed up with Evan Kulpa, Jack Pomykaj and Eric Steffeck to win the 400-meter relay. Kulpa had an individual victory in the long jump.

Emma Pearsall led the Maple Hill girls’ team with victories in the 400-meter race and the high jump. She also ran the anchor leg on the Wildcats’ winning 1,600-meter relay team. Other athletes with two individual titles include Ichabod Crane’s Monique Benn (100- and 200-meter dash) and Ama Boham (100- and 400-meter hurdles), as well as Duanesburg’s Elaine Atanasova (1,500- and 3,000-meter races) and New Lebanon-Berlin’s Allie Ryder (shot put and discus).

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Maple Hill Invitational results
Team scores: Maple Hill 138, New Paltz 125, Broadalbin-Perth 74, Ichabod Crane 53, Rensselaer 31, Fort Plain-OESJ 27, Cobleskill-Richmondville 25, Tamarac 22, Cambridge 15, Schoharie 8, Salem 5, Duanesburg 2, Middleburg 2

Top three finishers
100-meter dash
Baden Seabury (IC) 11.60
Mekhi Lanier (FP-OESJ) 11.77
Ehdo Kyi (Rens) 11.81

200-meter dash
Seth Roberts (MH) 23.36
Javaughn Gooden (NP) 23.57
Evan Kulpa (MH) 23.67

400-meter race
Nick Yorke (CR) 52.27
Marcus Fariello (NP) 52.80
Justin Schrom (CR) 53.52

800-meter race
Henry Goca (Rens) 2:00.90
Marcus Fariello (NP) 2:08.74
Joseph Ayala (NP) 2:09.41

1,600-meter race
Henry Goca (Rens) 4:29.14
Logan Linares (NP) 4:45.98
A.J. Christopher (BP) 4:47.44

3,200-meter race
Logan Linares (NP) 10:29.15
Noah Albanese (MH) 10:35.44
Joseph Ayala (NP) 10:51.87

110-meter high hurdles
Bryan Jacobs (MH) 15.56
Seth Roberts (MH) 15.95
Thacher Deyoe (MH) 16.31

400-meter intermediate hurdles
Javaughn Gooden (NP) 58.45
Bryan Jacobs (MH) 59.60
Eli Charlebois (MH) 1:01.83

400-meter relay
Maple Hill 45.87
New Paltz 46.42
Ichabod Crane 46.44

1,600-meter relay
New Paltz 3:35.94
Cobleskill-Richmondville 3:38.45
Maple Hill 3:43.98

3,200-meter relay
New Paltz 8:44.31
Ichabod Crane 8:48.57
Broadalbin-Perth 9:03.15

High jump
Ben Bellenchia (IC) 5-6
Adam Fountain (Tam) J5-6
Elliott White (NP) 5-4

Pole vault
Noah Brown (NP) 12-0
Hunter Pomykaj (MH) 11-6
Daniel Dylong (BP) 11-0

Long jump
Evan Kulpa (MH) 19-11
Thacher Deyoe (MH) 19-5.5
Jaydon Santoro (Scho) 19-4.5

Triple jump
Orion Baker-Porazinski (Cam) 40-8.75
Bryan Jacobs (MH) 40-8
Seth Roberts (MH) 40-2

Shot put
John Coddington (BP) 47-11
Richard Mancini (BP) 43-10.25
Jacob Race (IC) 42-2.75

Aidan DeJong (BP) 126-11
John Coddington (BP) 118-10
Hunter Logan (FP-OESJ) 117-0

Team scores: Maple Hill 107, Broadalbin-Perth 65, Ichabod Crane 57, Rensselaer 55, Duanesburg 38, Cobleskill-Richmondville 35, Cambridge 34, Cairo-Durham 32, New Lebanon-Berlin 30, Berne-Knox-Westerlo 29, Albany Academy for Girls 21, Tamarac 15, Schoharie 4, Salem 2, Middleburgh 2, Fort Plain-OESJ 1

Top three finishers
100-meter dash

Monique Benn (IC) 12.60
Faith Nelson (Rens) 13.15
Hailey Parrotti (BP) 13.22

200-meter dash
Monique Benn (IC) 26.83
Faith Nelson (Rens) 27.24
Ohyna Graham (Rens) 28.32

400-meter race
Emma Pearsall (MH) 1:04.34
Lily Makely (CD) 1:06.15
Cameron Goss (BKW) 1:06.76

800-meter race
Anna Headwell (Cam) 2:29.58
Gabrielle Larsen (BP) 2:34.17
Gabrielle Myers (CD) 2:35.92

1,500-meter race
Elaine Atanasova (Duan) 5:04.19
Gabrielle Larsen (BP) 5:18.18
Michelle Puzulis (BKW) 5:22.81

3,000-meter race
Elaine Atanasova (Duan) 11:22.69
Lexi Alpy (Cam) 11:56.23
Angelina Pusateri (MH) 12:30.27

100-meter high hurdles
Ama Boham (IC) 15.21
Caroline Page (Rens) 16.90
Alexus Smith (MH) 17.91

400-meter intermediate hurdles
Ama Boham (IC) 1:10.13
Ava Tyler (BP) 1:13.11
April Jacobs (MH) 1:16.08

400-meter relay
Rensselaer 53.32
Maple Hill 53.86
Albany Academy 55.33

1,600-meter relay
Maple Hill 4:30.65
Berne-Knox-Westerlo 4:35.56
Cobleskill-Richmondville 4:37.02

3,200-meter relay
Maple Hill 10:49.98
Ichabod Crane 11:32.21
New Lebanon-Berlin 11:35.40

High jump
Emma Pearsall (MH) 5-0
Julia Pugliese (MH) J5-0
Julia Zacher (AA) J5-0

Pole vault
Ava Tyler (BP) 10-0
Emily Schaeffer (Duan) 9-6
Michelle Hutter (Tam) 7-6

Long jump
Olivia Chamberlain (CR) 17-6.5
Hailey Parrotti (BP) 16-1.25
Alexus Smith (MH) 15-4.5

Triple jump
Julia Pugliese (MH) 35-6.25
Olivia Chamberlain (CR) 34-8.25
Hailey Parrotti (BP) 33-0

Shot put
Allie Ryder (NL-Ber) 30-0
Brecke Gifford (Cam) 29-7.25
Christina Markiewicz (CD) 29-6.75

Allie Ryder (NL-Ber) 120-3
Brecke Gifford (Cam) 86-11
Samantha Mengel (BKW) 80-11

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