Colonial Council track and field: Holy Names, LaSalle sweep tri-meet with Cohoes and Catholic Central

Academy of the Holy Names and LaSalle swept their opponents at a Colonial Council track and field tri-meet Tuesday, April 30, at Cohoes High School.

Holy Names defeated Cohoes 92-46 and Catholic Central 90-43 in girls track. Cohoes edged Catholic Central 63-61 to earn a split. LaSalle defeated the Cohoes boys track team 88-54 and Catholic Central 114-26. Cohoes earned a 67-54 victory over Catholic Central.

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Top three finishers in every event included the following:

100-meter dash
Jarron Frangie (Cohoes) 11.8
Walik Ryder (Cohoes) 12.1
Daniel Amasha (LaSalle) 12.8

200-meter dash
Humza Ahmaadzai (Cohoes) 24.8
Walik Ryder (Cohoes) 25.3
Jamar Byron (Cohoes) 25.7

400-meter dash
Brady Fenton (LaSalle) 56.9
Tim DeCelle (Cohoes) 57.2
Ross Kelly (Cohoes) 58.6

800-meter race
Gitch Hayes (LaSalle) 2:08.9
J. Foster (CCHS) 2:10.6
Ronan Coughlin (LaSalle) 2:11.9

1,600-meter race
Gitch Hayes (LaSalle) 4:42.3
J. Foster (CCHS) 4:54.5
I. Spoon (CCHS) 4:59.7

3,200-meter race
Joseph Marchese (LaSalle) 11:14
Aidan Ciancio (LaSalle) 12:09
Matthew Vandenburgh (LaSalle) 13:33

110-meter high hurdles
Thomas Wainmen (LaSalle) 15.4
Benjamin Kellis (Cohoes) 18.6
Daniel Byrnes (LaSalle) 20.2

400-meter intermediate hurdles
Benjamin Kellis (Cohoes) 1:03.7
Bennett Beaulieu (LaSalle) 1:08.5
Whalen (LaSalle) 1:09.7

400-meter relay
LaSalle 48.0

1,600-meter relay
Cohoes 3:52.7
LaSalle 3:53.0

3,200-meter relay
LaSalle 9:19
Cohoes 9:38

High jump
Gabriel Lucarelli (LaSalle) 5-4
Jeremiah Amasha (LaSalle) 4-8
Nicholas Schialdone (LaSalle) 4-8

Pole vault
Daniel Byrnes (LaSalle) 7-6
Bennett Beaulieu (LaSalle) 7-0

Long jump
Jarron Frangie (Cohoes) 17-7
JamarByron (Cohoes) 15-8
G Daniels (CCHS) 15-7

Triple jump
Gabriel Lucarelli (LaSalle) 36-3
Humza Ahmaadzai (Cohoes) 34-1
G. Daniels (CCHS) 32-4

Shot put
Daniel Amasha (LaSalle) 33-5.5
J. Barcher (CCHS) 30-6
William Lamoutte (LaSalle) 30-0

William Lamoutte (LaSalle) 96-5
Daniel Amasha (LaSalle) 84-3
J. Barcher (CCHS) 79-6

100-meter dash
Caileigh Miron (Cohoes) 12.7
Maya Ellis (CCHS) 13.2
Vogel (HN) 13.6

200-meter dash
Caileigh Miron (Cohoes) 28.0
Megan Bell (HN) 28.2
Maya Ellis (CCHS) 28.5

400-meter dash
Megan Bell (HN) 1:02.6
Maya Ellis (CCHS) 1:04.9
Gwen Sprague (HN) 1:07.4

800-meter race
Vogel (HN) 2:44.4
Katelyn Regan (HN) 2:46.1
Sarah Mattfield (CCHS) 2:51.6

1,500-meter race
Vogel (HN) 5:47.8
Melody Ascioti (CCHS) 5:51.0
S. Barrett (CCHS) 5:54.5

3,000-meter race
Melody Ascioti (CCHS) 12:15.6
H. Mau (HN) 12:32.9
Elena Suarez (HN) 14:40.0

100-meter high hurdles
Hannah Ragule (Cohoes) 18.8
Rachel Valois (HN) 20.2
Ellicia Swedish (CCHS) 21.4

400-meter intermediate hurdles
Hannah Ragule (Cohoes) 1:10.8
Mia Farley (HN) 1:13.1
Adrianna Drindak (HN) 1:22.7

400-meter relay
Cohoes 53.2

1,600-meter relay
Holy Names 4:30.4
Cohoes 4:51.3

3,200-meter relay
Holy Names 11:04
Cohoes 12:13

High jump
Grace Giombetti (HN) 4-8
Sarah Mattfield (CCHS) 4-6
Elizabeth Stoffer (HN) 4-4

Pole vault
Grace Giombetti (HN) 7-0
Rachel Valois (HN) 6-0

Long jump
Madeline Stallmer (HN) 13-8
Samantha Paul (HN) 13-8
Sarah Mattfield (CCHS) 12-4

Triple jump
Hannah Ragule (Cohoes) 32-0
Samantha Paul (HN) 30-11
Madeline Stallmer (HN) 27-8

Shot put
Sarah Mattfield (CCHS) 27-1
Zoe Evans (CCHS) 24-8
Skylar Bobersky (HN) 24-3

Skylar Bobersky (HN) 80-4
Zoe Evans (CCHS) 76-11
Jenaya Smith (Cohoes) 57-7

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