Track and field: Saratoga Springs, Guilderland claim team titles at Queensbury Invitational

Guilderland edged Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake by half a point to win the girls team title at the Queensbury Invitational track and field meet Saturday, May 11. Guilderland finished with 93.5 points, while Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake placed second with 93 points.

The Lady Dutch thrived in the relay events, as they won the 1,600- and 3,200-meter events and placed second in the 400-meter relay. Kate Scanlan and Tyler Howard ran on both of Guilderland’s winning relays. Makiya Donnelly added an individual victory in the high jump.

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Amsterdam’s Lauren Santiago took first place in the 200- and 400-meter dashes, while Ichabod Crane’s Ama Boham finished first in the 100-meter dash and the 100-meter high hurdles. Stillwater’s Kelly Moran swept the long jump and triple jump titles.

On the boys’ side, Saratoga Springs cruised past the competition to claim the team title with 218.5 points, more than 140 points ahead of runner-up Hudson Falls. The Blue Streaks won all three relays and swept the top three places in the 800-meter race on their way to the convincing victory.

Kirk Francis won the high jump, long jump and triple jump for Saratoga Springs. Francis set a Queensbury Invitational record in the long jump with a distance of 23 feet, 6 inches. Jaylen Pritchett led Hudson Falls with victories in the 100- and 200-meter dashes.

Queensbury Invitational results
Boys team standings
Saratoga Springs 218.5, Hudson Falls 76, New Hartford (Section 3) 75.5, Queensbury 67.5, Ichabod Crane 58, Amsterdam 55.5, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 31.5, Plattsburgh (Section 7) 27, Glens Falls 24, South Glens Falls 21, Stillwater 20, Schuylerville 19, New Lebanon 8, Lake George 7.5, Seton Catholic (Section 7) 7, Lake Placid (Section 7) 7, Hoosic Valley 7, Whitehall 4.5, Corinth 4, Granville 1.5

Top three finishers
100-meter dash
Jaylen Pritchett (HF) 11.34
Baden Seabury (IC) 11.53
Jaleel Joseph (BH-BL) 11.66

200-meter dash
Jaylen Pritchett (HF) 23.10
Baden Seabury (IC) 23.31
Rece Gobel (BH-BL) 23.52

400-meter dash
Ryan Postlethwait (SS) 52.19
Donovan Brown (IC) 52.20
Vincent Fanelli (NH) 52.95

800-meter race
Peter Moller (SS) 1:59.99
Clayton Orzel (SS) 2:02.45
Anthony Verro (SS) 2:03.16

1-mile run
Ezra Ruggles (SS) 4:24.12
Nick Logan (Q) 4:26.62
Ryan Allison (BH-BL) 4:35.27

3,200-meter run
Josh Farmer (NH) 9:42.94
Ryan Bush (SS) 9:51.88
Noah Fine (LP) 10:00.86

110-meter high hurdles
Ryan Lapann (Q) 14.95
Nate Oczkowski (NH) 15.53
Charlie Liebers (SS) 15.56

400-meter intermediate hurdles
Nate Oczkowski (NH) 55.96
Noah Flanders (SS) 58.84
Charlie Liebers (SS) 58.88

3,000-meter steeplechase
Josh Farmer (NH) 9:56.21
Christian Mercado (SS) 10:26.21
Jake Glickman (SC) 10:27.58

400-meter relay
Saratoga Springs 45.10
Hudson Falls 45.79
Amsterdam 45.83

1,600-meter relay
Saratoga Springs 3:29.33
New Hartford 3:35.03
Queensbury 3:38.90

3,200-meter relay
Saratoga Springs 8:32.56
Queensbury 8:41.92
Amsterdam 8:47.00

High jump
Kirk Francis (SS) 6-2
Jack Hogan (HF) 6-0
Sam McGarrahan (Schuy) 6-0

Pole vault
Gabe Rittereiser (SGF) 12-0
Braden Flanders (SS) 11-6
Drew Floyd (GF) 10-6

Long jump
Kirk Francis (SS) 23-6
Gary Blanchard (SS) 22-4
Jacob Gomez (Amst) 20-10

Triple jump
Kirk Francis (SS) 44-4
Alex Varney (HF) 40-8
Connor Horrigan (HF) 40-5

Shot put
Thomas Cahill (GF) 47-10
Ben Reid (HF) 46-5
Mahdi Elsawi (SS) 45-6

Mahdi Elsawi (SS) 136-10
Nick Teppo (Q) 130-11
Carter Webster (HF) 124-4

Ashton Capone (SS) 2,846
Tyler Price (NL) 2,685
Mike Stappenbeck (NH) 2,633

Girls team results
Guilderland 93.5, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 93, Amsterdam 73.5, Stillwater 71.5, Queensbury 70, Hudson Falls 44, Hoosic Valley 37.5, Ichabod Crane 34, Mechanicville 28, Lake George 26, South Glens Falls 25.25, Plattsburgh (Section 7) 25, New Hartford (Section 3) 23.75, Mayfield 18, Whitehall 14, Schuylerville 14, Lake Placid (Section 7) 13, New Lebanon 11, Peru (Section 7) 9, Seton Catholic (Section 7) 5, Corinth 4, Beekmantown (Section 7) 3, Granville 2, Glens Falls 2

Top three finishers
100-meter dash
Ama Boham (IC) 12.62
Charli Beekman (Amst) 12.78
Ashleigh Lacy (HF) 12.85

200-meter dash
Lauren Santiago (Amst) 25.46
Ashleigh Lacy (HF) 25.94
Jada Brown (Mech) 26.62

400-meter dash
Lauren Santiago (Amst) 57.23
Jamisen Vendetti (BH-BL) 1:01.07
Annie Rose-McCandlish (LP) 1:02.38

800-meter run
Rory Graham (BH-BL) 2:16.48
Madison Relyea (May) 2:24.15
Savannah Adami (Guild) 2:27.08

1,500-meter run
Madison Relyea (May) 4:54.43
Emily Berg (BH-BL) 5:10.09
Madison Smith (BH-BL) 5:12.02

3,000-meter run
Mia Paolino (BH-BL) 10:55.37
Kaylee LaCreta (NH) 11:00.23
Lily Czub (HV) 11:07.54

100-meter high hurdles
Ama Boham (IC) 14.40
Gabby Stanavich (Amst) 14.81
Hailey Ballard (Q) 16.14

400-meter intermediate hurdles
Gabby Stanavich (Amst) 1:04.42
Kyleigh Frank (Still) 1:06.88
Jenna Vaughn (BH-BL) 1:07.92

2,000-meter steeplechase
Carolyn Burnell (HV) 7:45.82
Sunni LaBounty (Schuy) 7:52.36
Emily Wall (IC) 7:54.51

400-meter relay
Hudson Falls 51.56
Guilderland 52.00
Stillwater 52.69

1,600-meter relay
Guilderland 4:05.61
Amsterdam 4:16.90
Stillwater 4:18.96

3,200-meter relay
Guilderland 10:03.10
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 10:28.60
Queensbury 10:36.34

High jump
Makiya Donnelly (Guild ) 5-2
Trinity Cote (HF) 5-0
Hailey Ballard (Q) 5-0

Pole vault
Caroline Deck (NH) 10-0
Janna Hackenberg (BH-BL) 9-0
Olivia Gomes (White) 8-0

Long jump
Kelly Moran (Still) 17-11.5
Gianna Loci (Still) 17-5.5
Andraya Warner-Davis (Q) 16-8.5

Triple jump
Kelly Moran (Still) 36-2
Andraya Warner-Davis (Q) 35-8.5
Lauren Reed (HV) 33-3.5

Shot put
Lindsay Robens (Mech) 34-2
Morgan Willis (Q) 34-1.75
Victoria Jarosz (HV) 34-0.5

Allie Ryder (NL) 122-5
Lindsay Robens (Mech) 109-03
Jasmine Piper (Platts) 104-11

Jackie Stanavich (Amst) 2,741
Zoe Eggleston (White) 2,570
Ella Messner (Peru) 2,088

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